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Oct 19, 2007

The Witching Hour Is Soon Upon Us!


Hello ghouls and goblins!

Halloween is fast approaching, and I cannot wait! It’s the perfect excuse to play dress-up and stuff yourself full of candy treats! (Wait! On second thought, too many of my favorite treats and it’s going to take more than a few tricks to fit into my costume!)

Ok, once you’ve put the candy down, pick up that pen and start planning YOUR wicked party! Make sure to invite all sinister souls and menacing characters (a.k.a. your friends) to have a frightfully good time at your haunted house! I've made two "witchcrafty" projects that will make you howl!

My easy-to-assemble "Ghouls Night Out" party invitations require no special skills - except a wicked sense of fun! Dead ringers for graveyard markers, they're more animated than ghastly! Simply follow the haunted path I've laid before you...if you dare! Mwahhhhh! (Sorry! This is one holiday that brings out the devil in me!) 


For my second scrappy sensation I drew on my dark side (I know you all have one as well) to create a truly bewitching home accent! This "Witching Hour" timepiece is a fun way start the countdown to midnight...the hour when you party monsters most like to make mischief.  Just follow my easy to assemble instructions.

Not only will these cropping projects make your favorite spooks stark-raving glad to be on your hallowed list, their easy-make style will afford you plenty of time and energy to "scare"!

Get crackin' on the croppin' and happy haunting!


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