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Oct 23, 2007

Fall Brings Bunches O' Fun!

1023071 Hello friends!

I'm dizzy! Cuckoo! bonkers, in fact! For the bunches of fun I'm having now that fall has begun! What is it about this time of year that reduces me to a 1023072 rambunctious child let loose in a candy store? If I had to pinpoint the single reason I get so hyped-up — its gotta be the orchards set ablaze with juicy-red apples! Then again...there's1023073 the rustling of leaves — that crackle and crunch underfoot! The laughter of friends and family while picking out, then primping the silliest of jack-o'-lanterns, and, of course, the hair-raising ghost stories told 'round the warmest of campfires! Yeh, that's it! But wait...Ooh! All the delicious smells! Roasted marshmallows, mulled cider and tummy-warming stews! Ugh...who am I kidding? There's no single reason why this is the most pleasurable season for myself and so many others!

With all the sights, sounds and smells to make each moment uniquely special, It's a good thing we don't have to settle for just one autumnal sensation! Now that we're adults, and don't have our parents limiting the good times up-for-grabs, we can gather all the fun our happy hearts can hold!

Much to the chagrin of my closest pals, I've pulled out the camera and have taken no prisoners! Every plucked apple, hayrack ride, burnt marshmallow and pumpkin-decorating mishap is caught on film — ready to be paired with my favorite fall cropping treats —The APPLE PICKIN' paper kit, Fall Embellishment Kit and Apple Pickin' Rub-ons! There truly is no better way to unwind as the drifting leaves turn to drifts of snow! (With hot tottie in hand) I kick back by the fire, with my collection of scrap-happy treats, and crop the memories (comedy of errors) made with friends and family.

Oops! Almost forgot...I just returned from the Creating Keepsakes Convention! WOW! I learned so many new and "fabu" cardmaking techniques and paper-making tricks! So, stay tuned! Because in the next several weeks I'll bring you the scoop to make your holidays oh-so "hobby"!

Now get out there and jump in the leaves!

-Your friend,


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