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Oct 17, 2005

The First Rule Of Genealogy

001themullersGenealogy is one of the leading hobbies in America. Genealogy is defined as the documented record of a family, including ancestors and descendents. Most of us can recognize a family tree and we can all learn more about keeping our family history alive by using some of the guidelines both professional and amateur genealogists follow.

The first rule of genealogy is simple: Don't do what can't be undone. Exactly what does this rule mean to you and me? Take a look at this list of don'ts:

  1. Don't cut or crop any old photos that don't have a negative. Only cut or crop copies of a photograph.
  2. Don't write on a photograph in dark permanent or water-based ink. Water-based inks can bleed or run if wet, which can harm the photograph. If you must, use only pens designed to write on photographs.
  3. Don't laminate any original documents or photographs. You can't undo lamination without harming or destroying the paper or photographs. Make copies and laminate them.
  4. Don't write or make notes on any paper documents. Even pencil marking that can be erased might harm the document.
  5. Don't eat or drink near any documents, photographs or memorabilia. Accidents happen, and the result can be permanent damage to your family treasures.
  6. Don't staple, fold, or paper clip important documents. Store flat and protect edges and corners.


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