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Oct 12, 2005

Preserving Family Memorabilia for Generations


An important part of scrapbooking is preserving family photos, documents and keepsakes. Often, the negatives of older photographs have been lost or misplaced over the generations. It's important that you preserve any original photo that does not have a negative. Make a copy of the original for use in your scrapbook.

Documents like wedding certificates, birth announcements, even passports add so much additional information to your scrapbook that each deserves be a part of a family scrapbook page. So you can make copies and include them, or have large original documents reduced to a more manageable size.

We usually think of how important preservation is with our older photos and documents, but forget that the photos you take today will someday be "older" photographs to your children and grandchildren. Be sure to select photographs of key milestones and carefully keep the photos and negatives together.

Stay tuned for more information and some top tips from the experts on how to persevere your family treasures in the next few days!


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