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Oct 19, 2005

Keeping Track of Memorabilia

  1. 005william Keep a log of all photos/events that you have a copy or negative of. If there is more than one family historian, make sure everyone has a copy of the photos. There may be photos of ancestors that you don't even know are still in the family's possession. One of my most exciting discoveries was that a cousin had a beautiful photo of our great-great grandfather. Until I started circulating photos within the family, most of us thought that no photo of our great-great grandfather existed.
  2. Keep an inventory of all family heirlooms, and list who currently has each item. Try to keep a recorded history (the story and details) of family heirlooms too. A recorded history could let future generations know that a family quilt sewn by Aunt Isabella in 1965 was to celebrate the birth of her daughter, and that the fabric came from the pajamas of the older siblings.
  3. Create a family timeline. Starting with the oldest know ancestor, come forward in time noting family and world events. A timeline can bring better understanding of what your family members were experiencing in the world throughout their lives. For example, your grandmother may have seen many exciting changes in the world, like getting a phone, being one of the first families to have a TV, and watching man step on the moon for the first time.


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