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Mar 15, 2007

Give it a little "Tilt!"

One of my new favorite techniques is to use a little bit of "tilt". This works great not only on my scrapbook pages, but in my photography as well. Tilting your layouts, or your lens gives the viewer a unique kind of visual interest they might not have had if the object had been straight.

In this photo, I was trying to capture my goofy son’s hair-style. I took the first picture normal, and then with a second added a little bit of "tilt". I personally think that second one with the "tilt" is more fun and shows his playful side.


The next time you are out taking pictures trying tilting your camera to the left or right. The angel of the camera can show the image in a new light. Playing with the field of vision can also draw the viewer’s eye into a direction that emphasizes a certain part of the image. If there is something in the upper right corner you wish to emphasis than tilt slightly up to the right. This also works if you are trying to get your viewer to pan from the lower left to the upper right. You will find that this technique adds a sense of fun to the photograph or layout as well.

In this photograph I was capturing my sister and her friend Holly who was in from out of town. I thought the visitor parking only sign was quite fitting.


Tilting your paper can also bring visual interest to your layout. When the page is tilted in one direction it causes the page to have more visual interest, and it moves the viewer’s eyes across the page in that direction. With all of the fun new arrows that are out on the market this sense of movement is easy to make on a page.


If you are a little leery of this technique, trying taking one photo normally and than tilting the next. You will be amazed at what an affect it will have on your art. So, next time you are scrapbooking or taking pictures remember to add a little bit of "tilt" to you art.


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