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Jun 27, 2006

Technology Gets Men "Scrapbooking"

According to a recent story in the Chicago Tribune, technology is getting many men into scrapbooking, though they don't consider what they do "scrapbooking" per se.

Lin Sorenson, editor in chief of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, put it this way: "Digital opens the door for many people who don't think of themselves as a scrapbooker. They think of the paper and glue and other objects, but they don't realize they are scrapping."


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I would love to see more guys into scrapbooking. Our history is full of male scrapbookers. Probably one of the most famous scrapbookers was Mark Twain. Also, as a mom, my kids want to scrapbook when I do. I give my daughter and my son pages to do. It is craft time & develops both of their skills. It also gets them talking about the world around them. I started scrapbooking about three or four years ago. My youngest son doesn't see any problem with joining in. Also, it is great to involve your older children by having them write their version of the events down to be added to the page. They will see their contributions & love it. Even when my little kids seem to make a big "mess" on paper, I put a date & name on it & scrap book it. My youngest daughter can't believe how she scrapbooked two years ago & how far she has advanced. By the way, most of my products are from Fun Expressions even before it became "Fun Expressions". Thanks for everything.

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