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Jan 06, 2006

Learn Color Theory

Jay Moncliff has a wonderful article on SheKnows.com about basic color theory for scrapbooking:

Any color wheel will allow you to use these simple ideas. Let your picture be your guide in choosing a color scheme for your page. Choose one color from the photograph to be your "key" color. It may be a color from a flower in the foreground, or the color of the shirt your child is wearing. Whatever you choose, it will be the starting point for your color themed page design.

On a personal note, Color Theory was the hardest and most rewarding class I ever took in college. My professor, noting my frustration, told me that I would eventually "get it," even if it was a couple years later. And he was right. It is worth picking up a simple color wheel as the article suggests; a little bit of color knowledge goes a long way.


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